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06 Sep Link Between Early Behaviour and Attainment

Early Behaviour and Attainment As thousands of 16-year-olds found out their GCSE results in August, new research has found that three-year-olds who display hyperactivity, inattention or conduct problems are at risk of worse academic outcomes when GCSEs come around. Research from the Universities of Nottingham and Bristol surveying...

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04 Sep Child Wellbeing and Participation

I have found these two reports of interest, both published towards the end of August. Key findings are below. Child Wellbeing Public Health England has published a paper on which reveals how too much time in front of screens combined with a sedentary lifestyle is taking its...

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Word Garden

26 Jun Positive Bradford and Olympic Torch Relay

Last Friday was Positive Bradford Day. It was very wet but we had a great day meeting lots of visitors in the education tent. We collected words for our Word Garden, which ended up looking super: Some word highlights: Confident Exotic Ice Cream Mum Family Colourful Aspiration Nutmeg Determination Happy Dolphins Sun We also gave out quite a few...

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Olympic Theme Worksheets

21 Jun New resource – Olympic Theme Fun Sheets

Just in time for the London 2012 Games, our new Olympic Themed Fun Sheets. Ten exciting literary activities, they are perfect for use in our reading partnerships with Reading Mentors, Reading Leaders, teachers, parents or anyone else to use before, during and after the games. They include practising plurals,...

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09 Jun More World Cup 2010 Reading

My previous post about World Cup 2010 Reading has been quite popular. So I have a couple more ideas [thanks to Louise]. Activity Village Word Cup for Kids have a whole host of fun activities, I particularly like the Printables page with bookmarks, trading cards...

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29 May World Cup 2010 Reading

This week I trained more than 40 students from Meadowhead School in Sheffield to be Reading Leaders. During the training we discussed using events such as the imminent World Cup to engage readers. I've done some research and found a wonderful collection of reading materials...

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30 Mar Inspire Rotherham Activity

It has been quite a couple of weeks, there has been an awful lot of activity relating to the new Inspire Rotherham Project. We have followed up the training and visit to Maltby Manor school with the Rotherham United players with visits to Maltby Crags...

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