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10 Sep Dates and BANANAGRAMS

Welcome to the new academic year! For those of you in schools and other educational establishments, I do hope the new academic year has started well. Happy September to the rest of you! First of all, some dates for your diary: Reading Matters Conference 9 July 2015 Following two...

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11 Dec Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres 4Children has published the ‘Children’s Centre Census 2013’. Key points include: For the first time, over a million families are using their local Children’s Centre, including two-thirds of disadvantaged families (with at least one child under five) 73% of Children’s Centres report an increase in the...

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Word Garden

26 Jun Positive Bradford and Olympic Torch Relay

Last Friday was Positive Bradford Day. It was very wet but we had a great day meeting lots of visitors in the education tent. We collected words for our Word Garden, which ended up looking super: Some word highlights: Confident Exotic Ice Cream Mum Family Colourful Aspiration Nutmeg Determination Happy Dolphins Sun We also gave out quite a few...

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