Why Choose Reading Matters?

Work in partnership with us to raise attainment in your school

We have been helping children and young people to read with confidence through one to one reading partnerships since 1997.

Our wealth of experience means that we understand what works best when it comes to helping others with reading.

Our programmes increase reading age, on average, by 12 months in just 10 hours and often by much more, enabling struggling readers to catch up with their peers.

96% of children and young people supported showed an increased performance in reading after our support.

Please take a look at our latest Impact Report with full details.

A significant benefit of our training is that accreditation is available. This is a fantastic personal development opportunity for school staff, volunteers, parents and carers. For peer mentors who train to be Reading Leaders the accreditation demonstrates lots of important skills and really enhances their CV or personal statement.

Our accredited courses are all level 2 and are verified by Certa UK.