Reading Leaders

Young people supporting young people with inspiring results

Our Reading Leaders programme is a great way of improving literacy attainment and school cohesion by training older pupils to support younger ones for whom reading is a challenge.

High impact for low cost.” The Sutton Trust.

Older pupils are natural role models for younger ones and young people often find communicating with peers a lot easier.

There are many benefits for both the Reading Leader and the younger child they are supporting;

  • Improved reading and communication skills
  • Raised confidence and self-esteem
  • Better engagement at school

We train pupils to be Reading Leaders in both primary and secondary schools. For those aged 14 and over a level two Certa UK accreditation is available which will enhance any CV or UCAS application.

Training takes place over the course of a normal school day. The content of the course will cover;

  • Understanding how it feels as a struggling reader
  • Diagnosing reading difficulties
  • Ways to motivate and improve reading skills
  • How to plan reading sessions and select appropriate resources

Reading Leaders Accredited Training for secondary schools, £85 per head, minimum course cost £995 

Reading Leaders Training for primary and junior schools, £45 per head, minimum course cost £750

All our Reading Leaders courses include a free place for a coordinating member of staff –  perfect for CPD, co-ordinator’s pack, resource packs and training notes and portfolios.

“I have enjoyed today! I feel confident and excited to start these sessions and help another student with their reading.” Secondary Reading Leader, Appleton Academy Bradford

Reading Leaders Courses outside Reading Matters geographical area may incur additional cost.